Fall 2023 Undergraduate Schedule


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
14 08778 Burns, Sandra Lecture W1 0830A-0950 HH-A4 CAC
15 08780 Burns, Sandra Lecture W2 1020A-1140 HH-A4 CAC
16 20184 Wey, Arminda Lecture M5 0350P-0510 LOR-115 D/C


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 08789 Cuadrado, Maria F Lecture TF3 1210P-0130 FH-A1 CAC
02 08790 Cuadrado, Maria F Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 FH-B6 CAC
03 08791 Patel, Saiju K Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 LSH-B112 LIV
04 08792 Romano, Alfred Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 HCK-112 D/C
05 08793 Nazi, Ghassan Lecture MW8 0920P-1040 LSH-B111 LIV
06 08794 Romano, Alfred Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 HCK-114 D/C
07 08795 Dunkelman, Jodi Sommer Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 BE-219 LIV
08 08796 Hafizi, Fatemeh Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 HH-A1 CAC
09 08797 Dunkelman, Jodi Sommer Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 BE-219 LIV
14 08779 Burns, Sandra Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 HH-A4 CAC
15 08781 Burns, Sandra Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 HH-A4 CAC
16 20183 Wey, Arminda Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 LOR-115 D/C
17 20325 Lieberman, Melissa Lecture TF3 1210P-0130 FH-A3 CAC
18 20326 Dunkelman, Jodi Sommer Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 BE-003 LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 08801 Patel, Saiju K Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 TIL-103B LIV
02 08802 Unger, Laura Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 HCK-201 D/C
03 08803 D'Alesandro, Anthony Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 RAB-208 D/C
04 08804 Unger, Laura Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 HCK-201 D/C
05 08805 O'Halloran, Roger Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 BE-219 LIV
06 08806 Bifulco, Christina Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 BE-201 LIV
07 08807 Banerjee, Banmali Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 LSH-B112 LIV
08 08808 Banerjee, Banmali Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 LSH-B117 LIV
09 08809 Amodio, James Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 TIL-103B LIV
10 08810 Bifulco, Christina Lecture TTh8 0920P-1040 BE-111 LIV
11 08811 Arias, Cecilia Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 HH-A3 CAC
12 08812 Sprague, Gabriela Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 FH-A3 CAC
13 08813 D'Alesandro, Anthony Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 SC-204 CAC
14 08814 Sprague, Gabriela Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 FH-A4 CAC
15 08815 Nazi, Ghassan Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 BE-213 LIV
16 08816 Benedict, Krista Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 BE-213 LIV
17 08817 Benedict, Krista Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 BE-011 LIV
18 08818 Nazi, Ghassan Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 BE-121 LIV
21 08821 Mulvey, Sally Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 HCK-202 D/C
22 20320 Benedict, Krista Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 HCK-113 D/C
23 20321 Forgoston, Sacha Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 HH-A1 CAC
24 20322 Gulick, Debra Lecture TTh8 0920P-1040 MU-115 CAC

01:640:103 - Topics Math - Lib Arts

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 08822 Ross Pathak, Arianne Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 TIL-204 LIV
02 08823 Mavrea, Ioanna Lecture TF3 1210P-0130 HH-B4 CAC
03 08824 Forgoston, Sacha Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 HH-B6 CAC
04 08825 Vaksman, Sofia Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 BE-250 LIV
06 08826 Ross Pathak, Arianne Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 TIL-204 LIV
08 08827 Arias, Cecilia Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 AB-4450 CAC
09 08828 Arias, Cecilia Lecture MW8 0920P-1040 AB-4450 CAC


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 08829 Kennedy, JoAnne P Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 LSH-B116 LIV
03 08830 Roemer, Cynthia Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 LSH-B116 LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 08831 Vera, Laurent Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 LSH-B205 LIV
02 08832 Roemer, Cynthia Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 LSH-B205 LIV
03 08833 Harris, Lynn Ann Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 LSH-B205 LIV
04 08834 Harris, Lynn Ann Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 LSH-B205 LIV
05 08835 Gulick, Debra Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 MU-113 CAC
06 08836 Gulick, Debra Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 MU-113 CAC

01:640:107 - NUMBER&OPER FOR K-8

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
T1 08837 Lieberman, Melissa Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 ED-025A CAC


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 08839 Lieberman, Melissa Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 ED-025A CAC

01:640:111 - PRECALC PART 1

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01-03 Gonet, Sophia Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 CA-A5 CAC
01 08784 Schwarz, Jeffrey Recitation W1 0830A-0950 SC-106 CAC
02 08840 Schwarz, Jeffrey Recitation W2 1020A-1140 SC-202 CAC
03 08841 Schwarz, Jeffrey Recitation W3 1210P-0130 SC-216 CAC
04-06 Goswami, Rashmika Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 CA-A5 CAC
04 08842 Schwarz, Jeffrey Recitation F2 1020A-1140 MU-112 CAC
05 08843 Schwarz, Jeffrey Recitation F3 1210P-0130 MU-112 CAC
06 08844 Schwarz, Jeffrey Recitation F4 0200P-0320 MU-112 CAC
07-09 Patel, Saiju K Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 LSH-A142 LIV
07 08845 Frankie, Joseph Recitation T2 1020A-1140 BE-101 LIV
08 08846 Frankie, Joseph Recitation T3 1210P-0130 BE-101 LIV
09 08847 Frankie, Joseph Recitation T4 0200P-0320 BE-111 LIV
13-15 Amodio, James Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 TIL-258 LIV
13 08848 Reynolds, Guy Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 BE-003 LIV
14 08849 Reynolds, Guy Recitation Th5 0350P-0510 BE-201 LIV
15 08850 Reynolds, Guy Recitation Th6 0540P-0700 BE-101 LIV
16-18 Sprague, Gabriela Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 CDL-102 D/C
16 08851 Wasserman, Eric H. Recitation W1 0830A-0950 HCK-216 D/C
17 08852 Wasserman, Eric H. Recitation W2 1020A-1140 HCK-216 D/C
18 08853 Wasserman, Eric H. Recitation W3 1210P-0130 HCK-216 D/C
19-21 Morehead, Diane Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 AB-1170 CAC
19 08854 Reynolds, Guy Recitation W6 0540P-0700 SC-204 CAC
20 08855 Reynolds, Guy Recitation W7 0730P-0850 SC-203 CAC
21 08856 Reynolds, Guy Recitation W8 0920P-1040 SC-201 CAC
22-24 Morehead, Diane Lecture TTh8 0920P-1040 AB-1170 CAC
22 08857 Khosla, Noopur Recitation M5 0350P-0510 SC-114 CAC
23 08858 Khosla, Noopur Recitation M6 0540P-0700 SC-204 CAC
24 08859 Khosla, Noopur Recitation M7 0730P-0850 SC-202 CAC
25-27 Vera, Laurent Lecture W3F4 1210P, 0200P FH-A5 CAC
25 08860 Ning, Harold Recitation Th2 1020A-1140 SC-106 CAC
26 08861 Ning, Harold Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 SC-221 CAC
27 08862 Ning, Harold Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 SC-207 CAC
28-30 Amodio, James Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 TIL-258 LIV
28 08863 George, Michael Recitation T4 0200P-0320 BE-251 LIV
29 08864 George, Michael Recitation T5 0350P-0510 BE-101 LIV
30 08865 George, Michael Recitation T6 0540P-0700 BE-011 LIV
31-33 Harris, Lynn Ann Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 CA-A5 CAC
31 08866 Shah, Rajiv Recitation M5 0350P-0510 SC-201 CAC
32 08867 Shah, Rajiv Recitation M6 0540P-0700 SC-203 CAC
33 08868 Shah, Rajiv Recitation M7 0730P-0850 SC-114 CAC
40-42 Sangam, Karuna Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 TIL-242 LIV
40 08875 Wasserman, Eric H. Recitation T5 0350P-0510 TIL-103A LIV
41 08876 Wasserman, Eric H. Recitation T6 0540P-0700 LSH-A121 LIV
42 08877 Wasserman, Eric H. Recitation T7 0730P-0850 LSH-A121 LIV
43-45 Pinsky, Brian Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 AB-1180 CAC
43 20440 Lee, Jae Ki Recitation W1 0830A-0950 SC-205 CAC
44 20441 Lee, Jae Ki Recitation W2 1020A-1140 SC-204 CAC
45 20442 Lee, Jae Ki Recitation W3 1210P-0130 SC-103 CAC

01:640:112 - PRECALC PART 2

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01-03 Peterson, Stephen Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 TIL-264 LIV
01 08786 Frankie, Joseph Recitation W3 1210P-0130 BE-101 LIV
02 08878 Frankie, Joseph Recitation W4 0200P-0320 BE-011 LIV
03 08879 Frankie, Joseph Recitation W5 0350P-0510 BE-111 LIV
04-06 Morehead, Diane Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 LOR-020 D/C
04 08880 Farro, Scott Recitation T6 0540P-0700 HCK-201 D/C
05 08881 Farro, Scott Recitation T7 0730P-0850 HCK-211 D/C
06 08882 Farro, Scott Recitation T8 0920P-1040 HCK-211 D/C


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01-03 Safran, Steven Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 TIL-258 LIV
01 08883 O'Halloran, Roger Recitation W1 0830A-0950 LSH-B110 LIV
02 08884 O'Halloran, Roger Recitation W2 1020A-1140 LSH-B112 LIV
03 08885 O'Halloran, Roger Recitation W3 1210P-0130 LSH-B112 LIV
04-06 Wey, Arminda Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 LOR-022 D/C
04 08886 Martin, Shannon M. Recitation W6 0540P-0700 HCK-202 D/C
05 08887 Martin, Shannon M. Recitation W7 0730P-0850 HCK-202 D/C
06 08888 Martin, Shannon M. Recitation W8 0920P-1040 HCK-202 D/C
07-09 Hirsch, Lewis Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 TIL-258 LIV
07 08889 O'Halloran, Roger Recitation T1 0830A-0950 LSH-B110 LIV
08 08890 O'Halloran, Roger Recitation T2 1020A-1140 LSH-B105 LIV
09 08891 O'Halloran, Roger Recitation T3 1210P-0130 LSH-B110 LIV
10-12 Scheiman, David M Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 AB-1180 CAC
10 08892 Volpe, Tyler Recitation W5 0350P-0510 SC-115 CAC
11 08893 Volpe, Tyler Recitation W6 0540P-0700 SC-203 CAC
12 08894 Volpe, Tyler Recitation W7 0730P-0850 SC-202 CAC
13-15 Safran, Steven Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 LOR-020 D/C
13 08895 Ellis, Paul Recitation T3 1210P-0130 HCK-210 D/C
14 08896 Ellis, Paul Recitation T4 0200P-0320 HCK-210 D/C
15 08897 Ellis, Paul Recitation T5 0350P-0510 HCK-210 D/C
16-18 Safran, Steven Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 LOR-020 D/C
16 08898 Cuadrado, Maria F Recitation W3 1210P-0130 HCK-211 D/C
17 08899 Cuadrado, Maria F Recitation W4 0200P-0320 HCK-210 D/C
18 08900 Cuadrado, Maria F Recitation W5 0350P-0510 HCK-202 D/C
19-21 Scheiman, David M Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 AB-1180 CAC
19 08901 Mulvey, Sally Recitation M5 0350P-0510 SC-106 CAC
20 08902 Mulvey, Sally Recitation M6 0540P-0700 SC-202 CAC
21 08903 Mulvey, Sally Recitation M7 0730P-0850 SC-105 CAC
25-27 Hirsch, Lewis Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 TIL-264 LIV
25 08904 Haroon, Ansina Recitation T2 1020A-1140 LSH-B112 LIV
26 08905 Haroon, Ansina Recitation T3 1210P-0130 LSH-B267 LIV
27 08906 Haroon, Ansina Recitation T4 0200P-0320 LSH-B110 LIV
28-30 Wey, Arminda Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 LOR-022 D/C
28 08907 Mulvey, Sally Recitation W5 0350P-0510 HCK-130 D/C
29 08908 Mulvey, Sally Recitation W6 0540P-0700 HCK-211 D/C
30 08909 Mulvey, Sally Recitation W7 0730P-0850 HCK-211 D/C
31-33 Kerrigan, John Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 RWH-206 BUS
31 08910 Volpe, Tyler Recitation T5 0350P-0510 RWH-208 BUS
32 08911 Volpe, Tyler Recitation T6 0540P-0700 RWH-208 BUS
33 08912 Volpe, Tyler Recitation T7 0730P-0850 RWH-208 BUS
34-36 Kerrigan, John Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 RWH-206 BUS
34 08913 Vasquez, Jennifer Recitation Th5 0350P-0510 RWH-208 BUS
35 08914 Vasquez, Jennifer Recitation Th6 0540P-0700 RWH-208 BUS
36 08915 Vasquez, Jennifer Recitation Th7 0730P-0850 RWH-208 BUS
37-39 Peterson, Stephen Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 TIL-246 LIV
37 08916 Kennedy, JoAnne P Recitation M5 0350P-0510 LSH-B109 LIV
38 08917 Kennedy, JoAnne P Recitation M6 0540P-0700 LSH-B105 LIV
39 08918 Kennedy, JoAnne P Recitation M7 0730P-0850 LSH-B105 LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 08927 Tabanli, Sheila Lecture M3 1210P-0130 RAB-207 D/C
01 08927 Tabanli, Sheila Online Online

01:640:135 - CALCULUS I

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01-03 Mckemmie, Eilidh S Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 AB-1170 CAC
01 08928 Hafizi, Fatemeh Recitation F1 0830A-0950 SC-102 CAC
02 08929 Hafizi, Fatemeh Recitation F2 1020A-1140 SC-102 CAC
03 08930 Hafizi, Fatemeh Recitation F3 1210P-0130 SC-114 CAC
04-06 Xie, Junming Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 AB-1170 CAC
04 08931 Hafizi, Fatemeh Recitation W1 0830A-0950 SC-105 CAC
05 08932 Hafizi, Fatemeh Recitation W2 1020A-1140 SC-119 CAC
06 08933 Hafizi, Fatemeh Recitation W3 1210P-0130 SC-214 CAC
07-09 Sequin, Matthew J Lecture W2F5 1020A, 0350P SEC-117 BUS
07 08934 Wasserman, Eric H. Recitation T2 1020A-1140 SEC-202 BUS
08 08935 Wasserman, Eric H. Recitation T3 1210P-0130 SEC-217 BUS
09 08936 Wasserman, Eric H. Recitation T4 0200P-0320 HLL-009 BUS
10-12 Gonet, Sophia Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 COR-101 BUS
10 08937 D'Alesandro, Anthony Recitation F1 0830A-0950 SEC-205 BUS
11 08938 D'Alesandro, Anthony Recitation F2 1020A-1140 SEC-212 BUS
12 08939 D'Alesandro, Anthony Recitation F3 1210P-0130 SEC-212 BUS
13-15 Gonet, Sophia Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 TIL-226 LIV
13 08940 Jabbari, Mohammad Recitation W5 0350P-0510 LSH-B112 LIV
14 08941 Jabbari, Mohammad Recitation W6 0540P-0700 TIL-103C LIV
15 08942 Jabbari, Mohammad Recitation W7 0730P-0850 TIL-209 LIV
16-18 Banerjee, Banmali Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 AB-1170 CAC
16 08943 Vinci, Sarina A. Recitation W2 1020A-1140 SC-102 CAC
17 08944 Vinci, Sarina A. Recitation W3 1210P-0130 SC-207 CAC
18 08945 Vinci, Sarina A. Recitation W4 0200P-0320 SC-104 CAC
19-21 Sesum, Natasa Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 FH-A6 CAC
19 08946 Schwarz, Jeffrey Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 SC-220 CAC
20 08947 Schwarz, Jeffrey Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 SC-115 CAC
21 08948 Schwarz, Jeffrey Recitation Th5 0350P-0510 SC-101 CAC
22-24 Shah, Rajiv Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 ARH-200 D/C
22 08949 Shah, Rajiv Recitation Th1 0830A-0950 HCK-210 D/C
23 08950 Shah, Rajiv Recitation Th2 1020A-1140 HCK-202 D/C
24 08951 Shah, Rajiv Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 HCK-210 D/C
28-30 Abadir, Rasha Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 PH-115 BUS
28 08955 Sosa, Jose Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 ARC-206 BUS
29 08956 Sosa, Jose Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 SEC-217 BUS
30 08957 Sosa, Jose Recitation Th5 0350P-0510 SEC-220 BUS
31-33 Tabanli, Sheila Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 SEC-118 BUS
31 08958 Jabbari, Mohammad Recitation W1 0830A-0950 SEC-206 BUS
32 08959 Jabbari, Mohammad Recitation W2 1020A-1140 SEC-212 BUS
33 08960 Jabbari, Mohammad Recitation W3 1210P-0130 SEC-212 BUS
34-36 Guadagni, Joseph Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 SEC-118 BUS
34 08961 Martin, Shannon M. Recitation Th6 0540P-0700 SEC-204 BUS
35 08962 Martin, Shannon M. Recitation Th7 0730P-0850 SEC-204 BUS
37-39 Kallupalam Balasubramanian, Moulik Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 COR-101 BUS
37 08964 Sosa, Jose Recitation T4 0200P-0320 SEC-217 BUS
38 08965 Sosa, Jose Recitation T5 0350P-0510 ARC-206 BUS
39 08966 Sosa, Jose Recitation T6 0540P-0700 SEC-205 BUS
40-42 Tabanli, Sheila Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 SEC-118 BUS
40 08967 Tabanli, Sheila Recitation F1 0830A-0950 SEC-220 BUS
41 08968 Tabanli, Sheila Recitation F2 1020A-1140 SEC-202 BUS
42 08969 Tabanli, Sheila Recitation F3 1210P-0130 SEC-208 BUS
43-45 Krishnan, Gautam Gopal Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 LSH-A142 LIV
43 08970 Yeung, Marc Recitation F2 1020A-1140 LSH-B105 LIV
44 08971 Yeung, Marc Recitation F3 1210P-0130 BE-003 LIV
45 08972 Yeung, Marc Recitation F4 0200P-0320 LSH-B105 LIV
46-48 Stone, Corey Lecture W2F5 1020A, 0350P HLL-116 BUS
46 08973 Stone, Corey Recitation Th2 1020A-1140 HLL-009 BUS
47 08974 Stone, Corey Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 SEC-206 BUS
48 08975 Stone, Corey Recitation Th1 0830A-0950 SEC-212 BUS
49-51 Kallupalam Balasubramanian, Moulik Lecture TTh4 0200P-0320 TIL-264 LIV
49 08976 Sosa, Jose Recitation F2 1020A-1140 TIL-105 LIV
50 08977 Sosa, Jose Recitation F3 1210P-0130 BE-011 LIV
51 08978 Sosa, Jose Recitation F4 0200P-0320 TIL-251 LIV
55-57 Yeung, Marc Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 BRR-1071 LIV
55 08982 Yeung, Marc Recitation W6 0540P-0700 LSH-B112 LIV
56 08983 Yeung, Marc Recitation W7 0730P-0850 LSH-B112 LIV
57 08984 Yeung, Marc Recitation W8 0920P-1040 LSH-B112 LIV
58-60 Kan, Sophie Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 LOR-020 D/C
58 08985 Mallick, Abhishek Recitation W4 0200P-0320 HCK-202 D/C
59 08986 Mallick, Abhishek Recitation W5 0350P-0510 HCK-210 D/C
60 08987 Mallick, Abhishek Recitation W6 0540P-0700 HCK-210 D/C
64-66 Banerjee, Banmali Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 HLL-116 BUS
64 08991 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation T5 0350P-0510 SEC-220 BUS
65 08992 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation T6 0540P-0700 HLL-009 BUS
66 08993 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation T7 0730P-0850 SEC-211 BUS
67-69 Guadagni, Joseph Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 SEC-118 BUS
67 08994 Guadagni, Joseph Recitation T5 0350P-0510 SEC-211 BUS
68 08995 Guadagni, Joseph Recitation T6 0540P-0700 SEC-217 BUS
69 08996 Guadagni, Joseph Recitation T7 0730P-0850 SEC-206 BUS
70-72 Kallupalam Balasubramanian, Moulik Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 HLL-116 BUS
70 08997 Raghunath, Sriram Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 SEC-212 BUS
71 08998 Raghunath, Sriram Recitation Th5 0350P-0510 SEC-206 BUS
72 08999 Raghunath, Sriram Recitation Th6 0540P-0700 SEC-217 BUS
73-75 Mehta, Nishali Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 HLL-116 BUS
73 09000 Mehta, Nishali Recitation F1 0830A-0950 SEC-206 BUS
74 09001 Mehta, Nishali Recitation F2 1020A-1140 SEC-206 BUS
75 09002 Mehta, Nishali Recitation F3 1210P-0130 SEC-206 BUS
79-81 Mavrogiannis, Georgios Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 AB-2160 CAC
79 09006 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation W5 0350P-0510 SC-106 CAC
80 09007 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation W6 0540P-0700 SC-119 CAC
81 09008 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation W7 0730P-0850 SC-114 CAC
82-84 Mallick, Abhishek Lecture W3F4 1210P, 0200P AB-2160 CAC
82 09009 Ellis, Paul Recitation F1 0830A-0950 SC-101 CAC
83 09010 Ellis, Paul Recitation F2 1020A-1140 SC-101 CAC
84 09011 Ellis, Paul Recitation F3 1210P-0130 SC-101 CAC

01:640:151 - CALC I MATH/PHYS

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01-03 Shtelen, Vladimir Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 SEC-209 BUS
01 09018 Ter-Saakov, Natalya (Natasha) Recitation Th2 1020A-1140 SEC-217 BUS
02 09019 Ter-Saakov, Natalya (Natasha) Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 SEC-220 BUS
03 09020 Ter-Saakov, Natalya (Natasha) Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 ARC-204 BUS
04-06 Charnley, Matthew P Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 SEC-209 BUS
04 09021 Matos, Anthony Recitation W1 0830A-0950 ARC-108 BUS
05 09022 Matos, Anthony Recitation W2 1020A-1140 ARC-204 BUS
06 09023 Matos, Anthony Recitation W3 1210P-0130 ARC-206 BUS
07-09 Ullman, Peter Lecture TTh4 0200P-0320 SEC-209 BUS
07 09024 Hou, Dennis Recitation W1 0830A-0950 SEC-220 BUS
08 09025 Hou, Dennis Recitation W2 1020A-1140 ARC-207 BUS
09 09026 Hou, Dennis Recitation W3 1210P-0130 SEC-220 BUS
10-12 Ullman, Peter Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 HLL-116 BUS
10 09027 Ullman, Peter Recitation W5 0350P-0510 SEC-220 BUS
11 09028 Ullman, Peter Recitation W6 0540P-0700 SEC-203 BUS
12 09029 Ullman, Peter Recitation W7 0730P-0850 SEC-202 BUS
13-15 Silverstein, Laura Nicole Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 FH-A5 CAC
13 09030 Hamlin, Joy Recitation W1 0830A-0950 SC-104 CAC
14 09031 Hamlin, Joy Recitation W2 1020A-1140 SC-101 CAC
15 09032 Hamlin, Joy Recitation W3 1210P-0130 SC-206 CAC
16-18 Silverstein, Laura Nicole Lecture TF3 1210P-0130 CA-A5 CAC
16 09033 Gelb, Brittany Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 SC-216 CAC
17 09034 Gelb, Brittany Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 SC-201 CAC
18 09035 Gelb, Brittany Recitation Th5 0350P-0510 SC-201 CAC
19-21 Bowles, Malcolm Norman Stanley Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 LOR-020 D/C
19 09036 Khandelwal, Sumeet Recitation T1 0830A-0950 HCK-112 D/C
20 09037 Khandelwal, Sumeet Recitation T2 1020A-1140 HCK-112 D/C
21 09038 Khandelwal, Sumeet Recitation T3 1210P-0130 HCK-113 D/C
22-24 Bowles, Malcolm Norman Stanley Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 LOR-020 D/C
22 09039 Adams, William Dylan Recitation W2 1020A-1140 HCK-130 D/C
23 09040 Adams, William Dylan Recitation W3 1210P-0130 HCK-131 D/C
24 09041 Adams, William Dylan Recitation W4 0200P-0320 HCK-113 D/C
25-27 Charnley, Matthew P Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 SEC-210 BUS
25 09042 Du, Jishen Recitation W5 0350P-0510 CCB-1209 BUS
26 09043 Du, Jishen Recitation W6 0540P-0700 SEC-217 BUS
27 09044 Du, Jishen Recitation W7 0730P-0850 SEC-211 BUS
28-30 Hallgren, Maximilien Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 TIL-258 LIV
28 09045 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation M5 0350P-0510 BE-101 LIV
29 09046 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation M6 0540P-0700 BE-111 LIV
30 09047 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation M7 0730P-0850 BE-003 LIV
31-33 Shtelen, Vladimir Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 TIL-258 LIV
31 09048 Lee, Ching Hsien Recitation W5 0350P-0510 TIL-103A LIV
32 09049 Lee, Ching Hsien Recitation W6 0540P-0700 TIL-103A LIV
33 09050 Lee, Ching Hsien Recitation W7 0730P-0850 LSH-A121 LIV
41-43 Stone, Corey Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 CA-A5 CAC
41 09054 Tan, Daniel Wei Wern Recitation Th1 0830A-0950 SC-115 CAC
42 09055 Tan, Daniel Wei Wern Recitation Th2 1020A-1140 SC-102 CAC
43 09056 Tan, Daniel Wei Wern Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 SC-214 CAC
54-56 Rocha Vieira, Ewerton Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 TIL-116 LIV
54 09057 Chen, Hong Recitation W4 0200P-0320 BE-101 LIV
55 09058 Chen, Hong Recitation W5 0350P-0510 BE-101 LIV
56 09059 Chen, Hong Recitation W6 0540P-0700 BE-101 LIV
57-59 Jabbari, Mohammad Lecture TTh4 0200P-0320 PH-115 BUS
57 09060 Reynolds, Guy Recitation M6 0540P-0700 BE-221 LIV
58 09061 Reynolds, Guy Recitation M7 0730P-0850 BE-101 LIV
59 09062 Reynolds, Guy Recitation M8 0920P-1040 BE-221 LIV
H1-H3 Frizzell, Carrie Renee Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 LSH-B117 LIV
H1 09063 Fong, Caleb Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 TIL-125 LIV
H2 09064 Fong, Caleb Recitation Th5 0350P-0510 LSH-B110 LIV
H3 09065 Fong, Caleb Recitation Th6 0540P-0700 TIL-125 LIV

01:640:152 - CALC II MATH/PHYS

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01-03 Zhu, Songhao Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 HLL-116 BUS
01 09069 Crim, Madison Recitation W1 0830A-0950 SEC-211 BUS
02 09070 Crim, Madison Recitation W2 1020A-1140 SEC-220 BUS
03 09071 Crim, Madison Recitation W3 1210P-0130 SEC-211 BUS
04-06 Sequin, Matthew J Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 COR-101 BUS
04 09072 Sequin, Matthew J Recitation T2 1020A-1140 HLL-009 BUS
05 09073 Sequin, Matthew J Recitation T3 1210P-0130 ARC-204 BUS
06 09074 Sequin, Matthew J Recitation T1 0830A-0950 SEC-216 BUS
07-09 Vera, Laurent Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 SEC-210 BUS
07 09075 Malawo, Namaluba (Nkhalo) Recitation F2 1020A-1140 ARC-207 BUS
08 09076 Malawo, Namaluba (Nkhalo) Recitation F3 1210P-0130 ARC-207 BUS
09 09077 Malawo, Namaluba (Nkhalo) Recitation F4 0200P-0320 ARC-108 BUS
10-12 Frizzell, Carrie Renee Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 TIL-258 LIV
10 09078 Wu, Fanxin Recitation T2 1020A-1140 BE-003 LIV
11 09079 Wu, Fanxin Recitation T3 1210P-0130 LSH-A121 LIV
12 09080 Wu, Fanxin Recitation T4 0200P-0320 BE-121 LIV
21-23 Frizzell, Carrie Renee Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 TIL-116 LIV
21 09081 Silverstein, Laura Nicole Recitation T5 0350P-0510 LSH-B112 LIV
22 09082 Silverstein, Laura Nicole Recitation T6 0540P-0700 BE-101 LIV
23 09083 Silverstein, Laura Nicole Recitation T7 0730P-0850 LSH-B110 LIV
30-32 Molnar, David Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 TIL-258 LIV
30 09084 Shao, Guanhua Recitation W1 0830A-0950 BE-221 LIV
31 09085 Shao, Guanhua Recitation W2 1020A-1140 BE-121 LIV
32 09086 Shao, Guanhua Recitation W3 1210P-0130 BE-121 LIV
33-35 Frizzell, Carrie Renee Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 CA-A5 CAC
33 09087 Shu, Xuanlin Recitation W4 0200P-0320 SC-103 CAC
34 09088 Shu, Xuanlin Recitation W5 0350P-0510 SC-104 CAC
35 09089 Shu, Xuanlin Recitation W6 0540P-0700 SC-103 CAC
36-38 Vera, Laurent Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 LOR-020 D/C
36 09090 Metya, Nilava Recitation Th2 1020A-1140 HCK-112 D/C
37 09091 Metya, Nilava Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 HCK-112 D/C
38 09092 Metya, Nilava Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 HCK-113 D/C
47-49 Goonetilleke, Lasantha Chandana Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 PH-115 BUS
47 20625 Liu, Kuijun Recitation W6 0540P-0700 SEC-216 BUS
48 20626 Liu, Kuijun Recitation W7 0730P-0850 SEC-216 BUS
49 20627 Liu, Kuijun Recitation W8 0920P-1040 SEC-216 BUS
50-52 Gunby, Benjamin Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 BE-253 LIV
50 20684 D'elia, Elizabeth T. Recitation W2 1020A-1140 BE-013 LIV
51 20687 D'elia, Elizabeth T. Recitation W3 1210P-0130 BE-003 LIV
52 20688 D'elia, Elizabeth T. Recitation W4 0200P-0320 BE-219 LIV
H1-H3 Pham, Triet Minh Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 SEC-117 BUS
H1 09097 Nguyen, Trung Nghia Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 SEC-206 BUS
H2 09098 Nguyen, Trung Nghia Recitation Th5 0350P-0510 SEC-211 BUS
H3 09099 Nguyen, Trung Nghia Recitation Th6 0540P-0700 ARC-204 BUS

01:640:157 - Calc I Mat/Phy Prac

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 19804 Ellis, Paul Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 BME-126 BUS
02 19806 Ellis, Paul Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 BME-126 BUS
03 19807 Mehta, Nishali Lecture TTh4 0200P-0320 ARC-333 BUS
04 19808 Mehta, Nishali Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 ARC-333 BUS

01:640:158 - Calc II Mat/Phy Prac

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 19805 Bowles, Malcolm Norman Stanley Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 ARC-333 BUS
02 19810 Bowles, Malcolm Norman Stanley Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 BST-114A BUS
03 19809 Molnar, David Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 TIL-103B LIV

01:640:244 - DIFF EQS/ENGR&PHYS

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01-03 Charnley, Matthew P Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 SEC-210 BUS
01 09100 Tsipenyuk, Natalya Recitation T2 1020A-1140 SEC-217 BUS
02 09101 Tsipenyuk, Natalya Recitation T3 1210P-0130 ARC-206 BUS
03 09102 Tsipenyuk, Natalya Recitation T4 0200P-0320 SEC-212 BUS
04-06 Molnar, David Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 TIL-246 LIV
04 09103 Lu, Kevin Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 BE-101 LIV
05 09104 Lu, Kevin Recitation Th5 0350P-0510 BE-011 LIV
06 09105 Lu, Kevin Recitation Th6 0540P-0700 BE-121 LIV
10-12 Charnley, Matthew P Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 HLL-116 BUS
10 09109 Frolov, Lawrence Recitation W2 1020A-1140 ARC-110 BUS
11 09110 Frolov, Lawrence Recitation W3 1210P-0130 ARC-207 BUS
12 09111 Frolov, Lawrence Recitation W4 0200P-0320 SEC-211 BUS


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09115 Goonetilleke, Lasantha Chandana Lecture W2F5 1020A, 0350P CCB-1303 BUS
02 09116 Goonetilleke, Lasantha Chandana Lecture W3F4 1210P, 0200P SEC-209 BUS
03 09117 Zhou, Zehui Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 TIL-242 LIV
05 09118 Zhou, Zehui Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 TIL-116 LIV
06 09119 Echeverria, Mariano Lecture TTh4 0200P-0320 TIL-258 LIV
07 09120 Soffer, Sara Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 LSH-A143 LIV
09 09121 Jabbari, Mohammad Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 LSH-A142 LIV
10 09122 Khaitan, Ayush Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 CDL-102 D/C
11 09123 Ma, Zilu Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 TIL-264 LIV
12 09124 Retakh, Vladimir Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 SEC-209 BUS
15 09125 Soffer, Sara Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 TIL-116 LIV
C1 09126 Kriventsov, Denis Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 SEC-117 BUS
C3 09128 Dimitrov, Stoyan Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 TIL-257 LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01-03 Van De Moortel, Maxime CR Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 SEC-209 BUS
01 09129 Zheng, Weihao Recitation F1 0830A-0950 ARC-108 BUS
02 09130 Zheng, Weihao Recitation F2 1020A-1140 ARC-110 BUS
03 09131 Zheng, Weihao Recitation F3 1210P-0130 ARC-110 BUS
04-06 Dul, Filip Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 BME-102 BUS
04 09132 Sangam, Karuna Recitation T1 0830A-0950 ARC-108 BUS
05 09133 Sangam, Karuna Recitation T2 1020A-1140 SEC-211 BUS
06 09134 Sangam, Karuna Recitation T3 1210P-0130 ARC-108 BUS
08-10 Mondal, Priyadip Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 SEC-209 BUS
08 09135 Zhao, Donghan (Alvis) Recitation F1 0830A-0950 SEC-211 BUS
09 09136 Zhao, Donghan (Alvis) Recitation F2 1020A-1140 SEC-220 BUS
10 09137 Zhao, Donghan (Alvis) Recitation F3 1210P-0130 SEC-211 BUS
12-14 Shtelen, Vladimir Lecture TTh4 0200P-0320 TIL-116 LIV
12 09138 James, Scott J Recitation W2 1020A-1140 LSH-A121 LIV
13 09139 James, Scott J Recitation W3 1210P-0130 BE-221 LIV
14 09140 James, Scott J Recitation W4 0200P-0320 LSH-B110 LIV
15-17 Ketover, Daniel Lecture W3F4 1210P, 0200P LSH-A143 LIV
15 09141 Gonzales, Theodore Recitation Th1 0830A-0950 SC-106 CAC
16 09142 Gonzales, Theodore Recitation Th2 1020A-1140 SC-101 CAC
17 09143 Gonzales, Theodore Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 SC-102 CAC
18-20 Echeverria, Mariano Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 TIL-116 LIV
18 09144 He, Qidong Recitation W3 1210P-0130 LSH-B110 LIV
19 09145 He, Qidong Recitation W4 0200P-0320 LSH-A121 LIV
20 09146 He, Qidong Recitation W5 0350P-0510 LSH-A121 LIV
22-24 Mondal, Priyadip Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 SEC-210 BUS
22 09147 Kalluri, Krishna Recitation T2 1020A-1140 SEC-220 BUS
23 09148 Kalluri, Krishna Recitation T3 1210P-0130 SEC-211 BUS
24 09149 Kalluri, Krishna Recitation T4 0200P-0320 ARC-204 BUS
25-27 Shtelen, Vladimir Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 SEC-209 BUS
25 09150 Zhu, Songhao Recitation Th2 1020A-1140 SEC-203 BUS
26 09151 Zhu, Songhao Recitation Th3 1210P-0130 SEC-211 BUS
27 09152 Zhu, Songhao Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 ARC-108 BUS
34-36 Echeverria, Mariano Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 TIL-116 LIV
34 09159 Raveendran Vijaya, Dhivya Prakash Recitation W4 0200P-0320 BE-221 LIV
35 09160 Raveendran Vijaya, Dhivya Prakash Recitation W5 0350P-0510 LSH-B110 LIV
36 09161 Raveendran Vijaya, Dhivya Prakash Recitation W6 0540P-0700 LSH-A121 LIV
H1-H3 Hovsepyan, Narek Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 TIL-116 LIV
H1 09165 Elizondo, Daniela Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 BE-221 LIV
H2 09166 Elizondo, Daniela Recitation Th5 0350P-0510 BE-101 LIV
H3 09167 Elizondo, Daniela Recitation Th6 0540P-0700 LSH-A121 LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09168 Hovsepyan, Narek Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 SEC-205 BUS
02 09169 Tobasco, Ian Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 BE-011 LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09171 Salamon, Joshua Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 LSH-B110 LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
H1-H2 Jauslin, Ian Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 HLL-009 BUS
H1 09172 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation Th6 0540P-0700 SEC-218 BUS
H2 09173 Barreto-Aranda, Victor Recitation Th7 0730P-0850 ARC-108 BUS


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09174 Retakh, Vladimir Lecture TTh4 0200P-0320 LSH-A139 LIV
02 09175 Molnar, David Lecture TF3 1210P-0130 BE-219 LIV
03 09176 Weibel, Charles A. Lecture W2F5 1020A, 0350P TIL-230 LIV
04 09177 Woodbury, Michael Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 TIL-252 LIV
05 09178 Hejna, Agnieszka Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 TIL-224 LIV
06 09179 TBD Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 TIL-209 LIV
07 09180 Soffer, Sara Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 BE-251 LIV
08 09181 Mejia-Ramos, Juan Pablo Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 LSH-A121 LIV
09 09182 Mavrea, Ioanna Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 LSH-B111 LIV
H1 09183 Krishnan, Gautam Gopal Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 BE-213 LIV
H2 09184 Molnar, David Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 TIL-103A LIV

01:640:311 - INTRO REAL ANAL I

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09185 Rong, Xiaochun Lecture W3F4 1210P, 0200P SEC-205 BUS
01 09185 Do Prado Rivas, Bernardo Recitation Th4 0200P-0320 SEC-204 BUS
02 09186 Huang, Xiaojun Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 LSH-B121 LIV
02 09186 Wang, Shaozong Recitation W3 1210P-0130 TIL-103C LIV
03 09187 Huang, Xiaojun Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 TIL-230 LIV
03 09187 Shah, Ishaan Recitation W7 0730P-0850 LSH-B109 LIV
04 09188 Larsen, Kasper Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 ARC-105 BUS
04 09188 Dougherty-Bliss, Robert Recitation W2 1020A-1140 SEC-207 BUS
05 09189 Kallupalam Balasubramanian, Moulik Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 LSH-B110 LIV
05 09189 Do Prado Rivas, Bernardo Recitation T3 1210P-0130 LSH-B112 LIV
06 09190 Cakoni, Fioralba Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 ARC-203 BUS
06 09190 Wang, Shaozong Recitation T3 1210P-0130 SEC-205 BUS
H1 09191 Hendricks, Kristen Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 TIL-251 LIV
H1 09191 Shah, Ishaan Recitation T3 1210P-0130 TIL-103A LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09192 Pham, Triet Minh Lecture W2F5 1020A, 0350P BE-111 LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09193 Goldstein, Sheldon Lecture TF1 0830A-0950 ARC-204 BUS

01:640:336 - DYNAM MODELS BIO

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09194 Zou, Jiahua Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 SEC-220 BUS

01:640:350 - LINEAR ALGEBRA

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09196 Rong, Xiaochun Lecture W2F5 1020A, 0350P SEC-205 BUS
02 09197 Li, Chi Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 BE-201 LIV
03 09198 Huang, Yi-Zhi Lecture MW4 0200P-0320 TIL-123 LIV
04 09199 Tahvildar-Zadeh, Abdolreza Shadi Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 SEC-216 BUS
05 09200 Woodward, Christopher Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 SEC-206 BUS
H1 09201 Lepowsky, James Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 HLL-009 BUS

01:640:351 - INTRO ABSTR ALGEB I

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09202 Mckemmie, Eilidh S Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 SEC-211 BUS
01 09202 Dougherty-Bliss, Robert Recitation T6 0540P-0700 ARC-333 BUS


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09203 Pham, Triet Minh Lecture TTh4 0200P-0320 LSH-A142 LIV
02 09204 Woodbury, Michael Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 TIL-226 LIV
03 09205 Zeilberger, Doron Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 TIL-264 LIV
04 09206 Alonso Lorenzo, Izar Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 PH-111 BUS

01:640:356 - THEORY OF NUMBERS

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09207 Gunby, Benjamin Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 SEC-208 BUS

01:640:361 - SET THEORY

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09208 Benhamou, Tom Lecture W3F4 1210P, 0200P ARC-107 BUS


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09209 Hejna, Agnieszka Lecture TTh6 0540P-0700 BE-221 LIV

01:640:411 - MATH ANALYSIS I

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
H1 09210 Mirek, Mariusz Lecture MTh2 1020A-1140 LSH-A121 LIV

01:640:421 - ADV CALC FOR ENGRNG

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09211 Sun, Hongbin Lecture TF3 1210P-0130 SEC-117 BUS
02 09212 Erneta, Inigo Urtiaga Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 PH-111 BUS
03 09213 Sahi, Siddhartha Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 LSH-A142 LIV
04 09214 Sesum, Natasa Lecture TF3 1210P-0130 HLL-116 BUS


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09215 Chanillo, Sagun Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 HLL-009 BUS
02 09216 Mavrogiannis, Georgios Lecture MW7 0730P-0850 HLL-009 BUS

01:640:428 - GRAPH THEORY

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09217 Mavrea, Ioanna Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 TIL-253 LIV
02 09218 Zeilberger, Doron Lecture MTh3 1210P-0130 TIL-105 LIV

01:640:435 - GEOMETRY

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09219 Li, Chi Lecture W3F4 1210P, 0200P BRR-5117 LIV

01:640:437 - HISTORY OF MATH

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09220 Ellis, Paul Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 SEC-216 BUS

01:640:441 - INTRO TOPOLOGY I

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09221 Spiro, Samuel Lecture MW5 0350P-0510 LSH-B123 LIV

01:640:451 - Abstract Algebra I

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
H1 09222 Weibel, Charles A. Lecture TF2 1020A-1140 BE-119 LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09223 Matveev, Konstantin Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 LSH-B109 LIV
02 09224 Goldstein, Sheldon Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 BE-101 LIV

01:640:477 - MATH THEORY PROB

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09225 Weston, Kimberly Lecture TF3 1210P-0130 COR-101 BUS
02 09226 Chan, Swee Hong Lecture MW6 0540P-0700 LSH-A142 LIV

01:640:478 - Introduction to Stochastic Processes

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09227 Kwon, Heeyoung Lecture MTh1 0830A-0950 TIL-226 LIV

01:640:481 - MATH THEORY STAT

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09228 Dimitrov, Stoyan Lecture TTh5 0350P-0510 TIL-242 LIV


Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09230 Ma, Zilu Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 LSH-B111 LIV

01:640:486 - MATH LFE CONT RISK I

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09232 Salamon, Joshua Lecture TTh7 0730P-0850 TIL-207 LIV

01:640:491 - MATH SEMINAR

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 09233 Stone, Corey Seminar W1 0830A-0950 ARC-206 BUS